Roz Bassford: Blog en-us (C) Roz Bassford (Roz Bassford) Fri, 24 Oct 2014 12:30:00 GMT Fri, 24 Oct 2014 12:30:00 GMT Roz Bassford: Blog 73 120 The Best Season of them All! Bonfire season is well underway with a spectacular night at Hastings Bonfire last Saturday. This Saturday it is Firle. Which can be guaranteed to be spectacular! So expect some splendidly fiery action shots soon!

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A Drumming Year with Section 5 I've had a wonderful first year with Section 5 so, as 2013 approaches, here's just a few of those happy memories:

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Probably Best Not to Try This At Home It's always splendid to get good reviews but some weeks there are some pictures that emerge as overwhelming favourites. Like this one which is best described as "Inside An Explosion". Mainly because that's exactly what it portrays:

To capture the precise moment of disintegration, It helps no end if you can lie in a muddy field, listening to the firing instructions of course. Which isn't something I'd recommend to everyone. 

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A Halloween Outing for Section 5

Section 5 never knowingly under-dress for an occasion and Halloween was no exception. Having frightened a trainload of children, the two of us who constitute the "Lewes Rabble"  fought our way along Hastings Seafront as a howling gale threatened to blow us straight back to the station. And then, after a comforting and lively libration, we drummed our way back again. In the same howling gale! A splendid rendition of "Scotsman" in Robertson Street topped off a very fine evening, very finely.

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